Parakeeto currently supports two user roles: Administrators and Members.

Company Administrators:
These users have full access to Parakeeto and it's data.

They can:

  • Create & edit contracts & deliverables
  • View the Administrator Dashboard
  • View Contract/Deliverable Reports
  • Pull custom reports from Parakeeto
  • Send employee invitations and password resets.

as well as

  • Track time 
  • View the personal dashboard

Members: Have limited access to Parakeeto, so they cannot see or modify any financially sensitive information.

Members can essentially:

  • Track time against work they've been specifically assigned to.
  • See some high level information about contracts/deliverables on their personal dashboard for work they've been assigned to. 

This ensures that employees CAN'T 

  • Create or modify contracts & deliverables.
  • See any financial information about clients & contracts.

If you're still experiencing issues, contact our support team via intercom chat, or by emailing us at [email protected] 

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