There are two ways to invite your team to Parakeeto.

Method 1:  Quick Add (Does not sync w/QuickBooks)

If you're not currently utilizing our QuickBooks integration, than adding employees can be done quickly from two places.

Navigate to the employees screen by going to Workforce > Employees. Click on the Green + Button in the top right hand corner to add a new team member.

Enter their name and a valid email address - this email will be used for them to log in.
Click on "Save Employee" when you're finished.

Then, make sure you specify their role within the company. Members will be able to track time against client work but won't be able to edit or create new contracts & deliverables, and won't see any financial details.

Company admins will have full access to Parakeeto, including the ability to add & update contracts and deliverables. 

Finally, click on the mail icon to send that team member an invitation via email to join your Parakeeto organization. 

They'll get an email that looks like this:

Have them click on "Join Parakeeto" and create a password.

By default, their username will be the email address the signup email was sent to.

Once they have created a password, they will be logged into Parakeeto. 

Method 2: Add from the Deliverable Creator (Does not sync w/QuickBooks)

It's also possible to add new team members while you're creating a deliverable.

To do so, simply click the + button next to the employee selection drop down on the "team" portion of the deliverable creator.

Next, enter a valid name and email address for this team member and click save employee.

This will automatically add the employee to the deliverable, and send them an invitation email right away.

Method 3:  QuickBooks Online Sync.

**Note, employees will only appear on this list if they are listed in your QuickBooks online account. For instructions on how to add employees to QuickBooks, check out this article.

Step 1: Invite Employees 

In Parakeeto, go to Workforce > Employees

Next to the name of the person you'd like to invite, select their role "Company Administrator" or "Member" and then click on the mail icon to invite them.


1. What if the employee I want to invite is not appearing on the employees list in Parakeeto even though it's in QuickBooks?

Refer to this help article for assistance troubleshooting employees not showing up in Parakeeto: 

2. How do I add employees via QuickBooks Sync?

Refer to this help article for assistance adding employees to Parakeeto through QuickBooks 

3. What if the employee I want to invite has a "Key" icon next to their name? 

If an employee has a key icon next to their name, they have already been invited to Parakeeto. You can click on the key to send them a password reset link. 

4. What's the difference between a "Company Administrator" and a "Member"?

Check out this article explaining user roles in Parakeeto.

If you're still experiencing issues, contact our support team via intercom chat, or by emailing us at [email protected] 

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