Parakeeto syncs closely with QuickBooks online to prevent the need for double entry and inconsistent data between your tools.

It's important that your Clients, Services and Employees be properly configured in Quickbooks so they appear in Parakeeto. 

QuickBooks will be the "source of truth" for these 3 crucial elements, which means QuickBooks will be where you'll be making changes and updates to this information.

Step 1: Configure Clients

It's important that all the clients you're currently working with be in your QuickBooks Online account so you can create contracts & deliverables associated to them.

To do this, start by going to your QuickBooks Dashboard.
In your right side menu, Go to Sales > Customers.

Next, you'll want to add any clients/customers that may be missing from your list.

To do this, click on "New Customer"

Next, you'll want to fill in information about this client/customer. You're welcome to enter as much information as you'd like, however:

Parakeeto only requires is the "Display Name"

When you're finished configuring this client, hit "save".

Repeat this process until all your clients have been entered into your client list. 

Note: If you already have a list of clients in a spreadsheet, you can import them using QuickBooks import function.

Step 2: Configure Employees

You'll want to make sure any employees or contractors that will be logging time against client work in Parakeeto are logged inside QuickBooks.

You don't need to be processing payroll or contractor payments through QuickBooks for this to work.

Your employees and contractors will not be contacted or notified at any point during this process.

To configure your employees,  using your right side menu, go to Workers > Employees.

Next, make sure all your employees have their full name AND email address in QuickBooks.

If an employee is missing an email, click on edit and add one for them.

If you need to add an employee or contractor, click on "Add Employee"

You can fill in as much information as you'd like, however:

Parakeeto only requires their NAME & EMAIL address.

Continue adding employees until everyone who will be logging time in Parakeeto is on your employee list, with a full name and email address.

Note: If an employee does not have an email address associated to them, they will not be imported into Parakeeto.

Step 3: Configure Services

The last step is to make sure all your services are in Parakeeto.

For more information on how services are used in Parakeeto check out this article on How Parakeeto Structures Client Work

At a high level, services are the activities that you and your team may perform in order to deliver work to a client.

For example:

When creating a deliverable for a website build, services might include:

  • UX/UI Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Development
  • Project Management 
  • Copywriting 
  • Photograpy 
  • etc. 

You can have as many, or as few services in Parakeeto as you'd like. 

Remember that you'll be able to see how much time has been tracked against each service at a company wide, client, contract and deliverable level. 

Configuring Services in QBO

To configure your services in QuickBooks,
using your right side menu, go to Sales > Products & Services

Verify that all your services are listed here. If any are missing, click on "New"

Select "Service" from the menu that appears.

You can add as much information about this service as you'd like, however:

Parakeeto only requires is the NAME of the service.

Fill in the Name and click "Save"

If you're adding multiple services at one time, you can click the arrow next to the save button and select "Save and New" to move right into adding a new service.

Continue adding services until your list is complete.

Note: If you already have a list of services in a spreadsheet, you can import them using QuickBook's import function

Congratulations, you've successfully configured your QuickBooks account! 🎊

Tip: Manual QBO Refresh in Parakeeto

To manually force a refresh QuickBooks data in Prakeeto go to:

Workforce > Employees

Click on the menu in the top right corner and select "Force QBO Refresh" 

Note: Going forward, Clients, Service and Employees synced through QuickBooks will be identified with a green "Sync" symbol:

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